Don't Lose Your Beauty

by The Bop Fi's

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released November 18, 2016

Empty Pockets And Shore Changed Love (Leger/Allen)
The Ghost Was Me All Along (Leger/Zemaitis)
The Piano Went Frantic (Leger/Mock)
She Walked Away Through The City Steam (Leger/Sullivan)
Someone Is Thinking Of You (Leger/Zemaitis)
Don't Lose Your Beauty (Leger/Roberston)
Kill The Underground (Leger/Kenemy)
Your Fingertips (Leger/Kenemy)
In Beauty's Ditch (Leger/Barker)
Just The Night Birds (Leger/Barker)

Words: Jerry Leger
Music: The Bop Fi's

Jerry Leger: voice
Alan Zemaitis: piano/organ
Dan Mock: bass/guitar/percussion
Julian Nalli: sax
Andrew Barker: guitar
Kyle Sullivan: drums
Aaron Comeau: electric piano/piano/organ/drums
Jason Kenemy: electric piano/piano
Wesley Allen: electric piano/drums
Nichol Robertson: guitar/organ
Jesse Boxer-Meyrowitz: bass

Recorded live off the floor Friday September 30th, 2016
at The Trailer, Toronto, Canada
Engineered by Aaron Comeau, assisted by Wesley Allen
Mixed by Aaron Comeau
Mastered by James Paul
Photography by Laura Proctor
Front cover artwork by Jerry Leger
Back cover layout by Eric Brombacher
All songs, SOCAN, 2016



all rights reserved


The Bop Fi's Toronto, Ontario

A mixture of poetry and jazz, spearheaded by singer-songwriter, Jerry Leger. Concept is a branch out from the spontaneous rock 'n' roll collective, The Del Fi's. 'Don't Lose Your Beauty' was recorded live in the studio Friday September 30th, 2016 in the East End of Toronto. ... more

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Track Name: Empty Pockets And Shore Changed Love
Empty Pockets And Shore Changed Love (Leger)
Empty pockets and shore changed love
I've got my health but I'm down on my luck
Holes in my stories
Holes in the glue
This town distrusts a go getter
Hates a recluse

Jugs full of comfort and blackberry lies
Garbage trucks and attic trunks
Dave Dudley and hanging dice
The clouds can change any minute
And my mood swings with the sound
Cobwebs for the forgotten
Flashlights for the found

The singer and his acting coach
Spending hours on the magic and the right wardrobe
Pancakes at four in the morning
With cheap beer on the side
I did that last thursday
Four years ago
The Golden Griddle open all day and night

Horse races and borrowed cash
Put it down on Number 7
It's done well in the past
Give me one more night on your sofa
And one more meal of gin
The sun and moon don't care where I'm going
Or if I'll ever be back again
Track Name: The Ghost Was Me All Along
The Ghost Was Me All Along (Leger)
The ghost was me all along
Haunting myself
Creaking the door
Howling through the pipes
Waking up the stairs
Scarying up the past
I assumed it was
Love's dangerous friends
Twisting the night away
Fooling dedication

Each night I would try to startle you
But you weren't you
Yelling into the mirror
I punished my sight
What a terrifying thing
A haunted house everywhere
The hunter haunting the hunt
Haunting himself
No bookends
No hunger

The old hag
The shadow
My dismissal
Your loathing
My life is knowing
That I haven't forgotten her
She comes around
To torment a drunk
Make a heartbreaker eat the dead leaves
And drink wounded blood

Cackling through the nightmare
I sleep with one eye blurred
And the blues hit me
Off of a broken piano
Manic notes stagger
And fall to a slow death
Insanity clouding
Will tomorrow let me in
Is this tomorrow
Was that tomorrow
Are you tomorrow
Will you keep me as a ghost
Track Name: The Piano Went Frantic
The Piano Went Frantic (Leger)
The piano went frantic
The bass was getting out of here
The guitar followed
But was lured back
With a taste of wine soaked minutes
The sax played through the misunderstandings
And soon found everything had gone mad
For the same madness

The feeling was climbing
The barroom was empty
While the broom swept off time
Flirting with brush strokes
Upon the skin and the shimmer
It was dark
Except for the dim lights
Bouncing off of the bottles
And ashtrays

The piano sang quietly
Trickling down the spine
Of the cracked plastered walls
Someone got dizzy
Fell onto the lowside
Guitars laughed
The sound was here
Ordered a tall one
Started up a conversation
With the saxophone
Then the organ got jealous
Blew kisses and showed some leg

Smoke was dancing all through
The madness
It was a mad scene
Drums were coughing
The whole room kept breathing it in
There was a knock on the door
Come on in
If you can that thing
come on in
If you can't
Just play it anyway
Play it
Play it
Track Name: She Walked Away Through The City Steam
She Walked Away Through The City Steam (Leger)
She walked away through the city steam
Midnight on her like a dress of "up to no good"
I wasn't sad to see her go
Just sad that I would have fill in the time
Chasing skirts was never my idea of a good night
Playing games to end up on a stiff mattress
With tired pillows and empty passion

I think I was happy to see her go
Now I'm looking for a number
Deep in my pocket
At least she left me with motivation

My head hurt the same way
As it always did in the morning
But it felt like I had left a jacket behind
The air was stale
My own coughing woke me up
And I killed the last bit of whisky I had

I stole the paper from the coffee shop next store
Filled in the crossword randomly
I thought of her and her skin satisfied
Waking to her protector
I found a forgotten bottle under the second hand soaf
And planned my day

Let's see, let's see
It's a big city
That's good
I'll find someone who looks like her
But gives me silver and gold attention

It's a big city
Lots of birds
That's good
I'm such a fool
I let her go
Track Name: Someone Is Thinking Of You
Someone Is Thinking Of You (Leger)
You got me excited
I would do anything now
Hand on the gun
My darling
Just show me how
But some things
They never come true
Some dreams are left
Waiting on you

You got both fists
Up in the air
You're waiting
For the fight to come
You will be swingin for years
In the spirit
Of World War Two
And everyone is counting on you

I can hold your hand
Until the end of the block
Never see each other again
Never talk
They're looking down
From hotel rooms
I guess everyone here
Is worried about you

They tracked you
To the other side of town
A man on each corner
Looking around
Don't want anything
To come between
The walls and the truth
Oh someone is desperate
Someone is thinking of you

Did they know you way back
You were skipping along
Nothing to worry about
Nothing every could be wrong
Then the call came
To an old weathered tune
Hey Kid
Someone must be thinking of you

At the table
She made up her face
Powder was dancing
Frantically all over the place
The alarm rand loud
Above the back door frame
Everyone ran out
But we were asked to stay

When we got up
The noise went down
We punished our visions
Like hands on a plow
What's behind the deguise
Who around here
Breaks the news
Give me your bullets
She don't want you
Track Name: Don't Lose Your Beauty
Don't Lose Your Beauty (Leger)
Don't lose your beauty
In the unfair clouds of uncertainty
Where models of attention
Powder their faces
And sustain their timbre
I'll be looking at only you
Across the way
In your red and silk

Don't lose your beauty
When under attack
Stirring the sugar
Drinking from the dollar store mug
Eyes through the morning window
Bouncing off of the air
Feeling everything around
You leave without a smile for tuesday

Don't lose your beauty
As war ravishes the memories
Of boyhood and his love for your eyelashes
Sacrifice steals the spaces
Poetry makes this romantic
Crows fill it with mystery
And what to do with your tears
Where to find you in your heaven

DOn't lose your beauty
Even when it sounds like New York our there
But it looks like a movie set
As I walk I hear the sound
Of buzzing fluorescence
And greedy observations
Dictators and reciters
Someone is breathing down your dress

Don't lose your beauty
While the years change your looks
The devil xomes around
To laugh at what we lose
What we lose in ourselves
The candy tastes better
After the compliment
The wedding dance is eaten by the wolf
The child is left on the doorstep
For vultures or the compassionate

Don't lose your beauty
to the empty girl
And the nervous smoke
She's naked for the attention
But closes up in the darkness
A ballroom pin up
She's scattered and shuffled
You sway along the old oak boards
Commanding and enchanting
I want you
I need you

Don't lose your beauty
As the doubt kills some of the beauty
SOme of the days
You can't remember now
But I loved those days
Stealing fruit from the castles
Your hair done up high
On New Year's Eve
Your face happy in the end of the year
Don't lose that happiness
Track Name: Kill The Underground
Kill The Underground (Leger)
Don't you think we should try
Never slow it down
Paint big cities
All over little towns
Look up into the air
Fly away with the sound
Punch the desperation
Kill the underground

No more poets
No more songs
Artists die starving
Can never belong
I'm gonna add up the numbers
Take you out for a nice meal
Buy us a castle
And million dollar heels

Gonna shave my face
You'll be proud
To hold my hand
We can use every letter
Then throw them in the grabage can
Photographs are so empty
Let's burn them on the hill
Rip apart stories written
Until the heartache fills

Big breakfasts
On the porch by the lake
The trees cut down
Get them out of the way
Do you feel free
No need to be upset
Stand and take pride
In the lives we've led
Track Name: Your Fingertips
Your Fingertips (Leger)
The ghosts tell me
That you come here after dark
Searching for the lost children in yourself
You skip down a pathway
That leads to a slanted home
It's sketched along the wise branches
And clinging leaves

You don't see your reflection in the window
The roof is frowning
The story your mind tells
Makes your cheeks soft with tears
The wind's hand grips the door knob
Opens without proper invitation

You walk on in its dream cloud
The smell of coffee conversations
And a new deck of cards face down like a fold
A mother and her children
By a table lamp's flame
The youngest plays tricks on the wall
He has the confidence of a traveling magician

The scene looks familar
Like acting out a home movie
But something's off
Your right eye twitches
In anxious denial
The father rips into doomed flesh
And drinks the blood of the farm

The lungs of the home breathe in and out
You ask if this is your dream or theirs
The mother looks up and smiles
Wrinkles make her look more beautiful
In experience than she would think
She talks out a blood soaked cloth
Wraps it around your left hand
A weakness overthrows you

You fall to your bare knees
The flame is suffering
The children are gone
The wood is rotting
A small crooked tree reaches for a savior
Ripping off the bark
Undressing together
Naked under the strange sky

You rest your wounded body
In front of the roots of God
Turning you see your mother
Are she disappears
Like dust falling in faint light
The ghosts tell you of her kindness
Feeling guilty living in this world
Without a heartbeat
I figure you're somewhere further away now
I'm waiting for dreaming to become a journey
Even to find your fingertips
Track Name: In Beauty's Ditch
In Beauty's Ditch (Leger)
The make up smears
The monster builds the fears
The imagination steers
In beauty's ditch

The day will walk again
In tomorrow's clothes and Stetson
Looking for a bargain
In beauty's ditch

Cigarette smoke
A rich man's joke
The beggar provoked
In beauty's ditch

Fidget with the key
Motel with one vacancy
Too drunk to dream
In beauty's ditch

Fly on the wall
Stalker on a call
Cinderella is having a ball
In beauty's ditch

Shooting up in the dark
Never missing the mark
Feast or starve
In beauty's ditch

Rock 'n' roll shoes
Honky tonk blues
Howling at the moves
In beauty's ditch

How did it get so loud
Accident gets the biggest crowd
Killing to stay proud
In beauty's ditch
Track Name: Just The Night Birds
Just The Night Birds (Leger)
Just the night birds
And the drinkers remain
Early morning show down
At the imaginary saloon
Cowboys and cowgirls
junkies and beggars
The lonely and the desired
The hungry still get their fill
They'll let you smoke your smoke
Once they lock the door
And dim the lights
You can have a piece of the surprise
If you like

Howlin Wolf shadow boxes
In the the jukebox
On the other end of the ring
And Betty Lou has a new pair of blues
she'll let you wear them
If you love her til the sun
Holds her unselfishly
Same town with a different name
The ballerinas are doing the twist
High off of that Tennessee sour mash
Getting dirty in the dance hall
They drop their heroes
For the aimless wanderers
Hitch hikers
Adventure ignitors
The pale horse and its riders

Maybe tomorrow or maybe today
Maybe the next set of lights
The flat top skids along
The fresh summer asphalt
Ribbons fly fall from strawberry curls
In a chevy bel air
And the drunks sing their lullabies
To the tune of
"This land is your land"
I believe it is